VALORANT Bind map guide: Callouts, tips, and tricks

In a game like VALORANT, much like its spiritual predecessor CS:GO, the battle of attack vs. defense usually favors the defensive side. Sites, in general, are easier to hold than they are to attack, as attacking generally requires more coordination between teammates.


To make up for this, some maps have a gimmick that favors the attacking side. These include the closeable doors on Ascent, the third site to pick from on Haven, and in the case of Bind, the portals. The portals give the attacking side an opportunity to pivot and quickly change which site they want to attack, with the option to catch the defenders off guard.


But both attackers and defenders need to be well-versed in all of the callouts on Bind, not just the portals. So, here’s a full guide to all the callouts on Bind, the specific callouts for each site, and how to approach each site on defense and offense.


Bind layout and basic callouts


Above is the in-game map for Bind, with most of the basic callouts listed. These maps don’t include specific callouts for the A site or the B site, however.


Bind A site callouts, strats, and tips



Here are the basic callout locations you should be aware of on the Bind A site. Like on other maps, most wooden or green surfaces are spammable, so a defender at Heaven could stop a plant going down at Triple. There are, however, a few other spots on A you should be aware of:


Double box is the stack of two boxes you can just see a small part of to the left of Portal in the photo above.

Bench is in the immediate right-side corner when you walk onto A site from Showers. It’s behind you in the photo above.

Pipes is the lower entrance to A from the defender spawn. It’s behind Triple in the photo above.

On the attacking side, a common strat is to smoke off Heaven, then use walls to cut off anyone pushing through U-hall from Lamps. You can post one player in Showers to push out and catch the defenders watching A main off guard.


On defense, you want to use either aggressive positioning or recon abilities to prevent the attackers from getting past Portal without a fight. If they do, then they can either take control of the site from a closer spot, or pivot to B and reach the site before you and your teammates on A can rotate.


Bind B site callouts, strats, and tips


Here are the basic callout locations you should know about on the Bind B site. The only other spot you should need to know is the Cubby that’s to the left of Container in the photo above.




When attacking B, use smokes to choke off the door 메이저놀이터추천  in the back of the site as well as Elbow. Then use recon or damage abilities to force potential enemies out of hiding spots like the boxes in Hookah, the box to Hookah, behind Container, next to the corner Pallet, or in the Cubby.


For defense, just like on the A site, you should use abilities to prevent the attackers from getting all the way up into Garden. Using smokes or recon abilities to stop them from going past the Portal on B Long is usually your best bet.


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