Riot details nerfs to Dr. Mundo, Talon, and more coming in League Patch 11.24b

The last League of Legends patch of the year is quickly approaching and with it comes a multitude of nerfs to champions and systems that have taken advantage of new strategies introduced in the preseason.


Riot Phlox, a designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, revealed the specifics to the nerfs planned to release in Patch 11.24b that were first teased yesterday. Within this set of nerfs are changes to the numbers of various champions that have dominated their respective roles over the past few months, as well as a nerf to League’s newest rune. Phlox detailed that this will be the last patch of 2021. The next patch will be released in January and is slated to be the first of the 2022 season.




Dr. Mundo, the only tank targeted in these nerfs, is receiving a slight reduction to his HP regeneration and damage on his Q. Though the Madman of Zaun hasn’t been terrorizing the Rift at the levels that he did upon being reworked, these changes should make his fantasies of a constantly-full-health tank less oppressive to his lane opponents.


In the jungle, Talon’s damage ratios are being tuned to lower his clear and compensate for his aggressive mobility. His W, which originally had a 150-percent damage ratio against jungle camps, is now being toned down to 130 percent. One of the main reasons that Talon has been able to flourish in the jungle is the newest Inspiration keystone, First Strike, which will also see the damage bonus it offers upon activation decreased by a small amount.



The two mages listed on Patch 11.24b’s nerf list are Kassadin and Lux, two champions that have flourished in their respective lanes but for different reasons. Thanks to new Mythic mage items, Kassadin has developed many new playstyles that work well with his all-in pressure. Thus, the damage reduction on his passive is being decreased, as well as 메이저사이트  the bonus damage on his W. While not often played mid, Lux as a support has been binding enemies at a more efficient rate, so her Q cooldown and damage are both being hit substantially.


Vayne, who’s taken the role of both a top and bot lane ADC over the past few weeks, will have her bonus damage associated with her ultimate reduced to open more room for counterplays. She rounds out the final list of champions being nerfed in the 2021 season, with more champions likely to be nerfed in the future as Riot evaluates the new items and features introduced with the preseason.


Patch 11.24b is expected to release on Dec. 15, though all of the changes listed in this preview may not make it to the live servers in the same capacity.


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