Royal Never Give Up made a statement earlier today when they defeated Team WE 3-0 in the LPL Regional Finals.

RNG advanced to the second round of the tournament and qualified to the 2021 League of Legends World Championship due to a guaranteed top-two finish.

Despite disappointing results in the LPL Summer playoffs where RNG lost to LNG in the third round, the team proved that they remained a top-tier team in the regio. Strong performances throughout the split have helped them earn an impressive win streak of nine series over the last weeks.

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RNG showed up in today’s series with three completely one-sided games, even when the casters favoured Team WE’s drafts. It was especially the case in the second game, where WE had the tools to counter RNG’s playstyle with a clever Tahm Kench support pick on Missing.

But RNG crushed their opponents in the early game due to flawless execution of their game plan while staying true to their playstyle. They let their botlaner Gala handle his lane alone, while Ming roamed towards the mid lane to aid Cryin in winning his lane.

Meanwhile, Jungler Wei completely locked down the top side with relentless 안전토토사이트  ganks on Breathe’s Jayce. The latter died three times before the ten-minute mark, which prevented him on having any impact on the game.

Screengrab via Riot Games

RNG bot laner Gala’s Ziggs pick was also crucial in the last two wins,. He crushed his opponents in lane and teamfights, enabling him to snowball and carry his team to victory. He was voted MVP of the last game, with a perfect KDA and a 72.7 percent kill participation rate.

RNG will have to face off against one last team in the Regional Finals to determine if they will go to Play-In or directly enter the World Championship’s main event. They will play the winners of the matchup between LNG and Rare Atom tomorrow, on Sept. 4 at 7.30am CT.

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