Each week, five champions and 15 skins in League of Legends are put on sale for an up to 60 percent price reduction. If you want to make the most out of your Riot 메이저토토사이트  Points and buy the best skins the game has to offer, look no further than the deals listed below.

Here are this week’s champion and skin sales.

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Elise: 440 RP (-50 percent)

Jhin: 438 RP (-55 percent)

Katarina: 474 RP (-40 percent)

Olaf: 316 RP (-60 percent)

Zac: 616 RP (-30 percent)


Blood Moon Shen: 300 RP (-60 percent)

Blood Moon Yasuo: 585 RP (-40 percent)

Definitely Not Vel’Koz: 300 RP (-60 percent)

Dragon Guardian Galio: 975 RP (-27 percent)

Elderwood Rakan: 944 RP (-30 percent)

Freljord Sylas: 810 RP (-40 percent)

Infernal Mordekaiser: 260 RP (-50 percent)

Jaximus: 487 RP (-50 percent)

Mad Hatter Shaco: 260 RP (-50 percent)

Mecha Rengar: 607 RP (-55 percent)

Order of the Lotus Karma: 536 RP (-45 percent)

Praetorian Fiddlesticks: 742 RP (-45 percent)

Space Groove Lulu: 975 RP (-27 percent)

Sultan Gangplank: 390 RP (-60 percent)

Valiant Sword Riven: 810 RP (-40 percent)

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