Hiko’s settings, keybinds, and crosshair for VALORANT

Hiko has quickly become one of the biggest names in VALORANT.


The 31-year-old veteran has won multiple 메이저놀이터추천  tournaments with 100 Thieves and has competed with some of the best teams in North America in the VALORANT Champions Tour. But when Hiko isn’t competing on the big stage, he’s streaming to an average of 20,000 viewers on Twitch, according to stats site Twitchtracker.com.



Here’s Hiko’s full list of settings in VALORANT.


Mouse settings

DPI 1600 In-game Sensitivity 0.36

eDPI 576 Scoped Sensitivity 1

Polling Rate 1000 Windows Sensitivity 6

Finalmouse Starlight-12

Crosshair settings

Color Green Inner Lines 1 / 2 / 1 / 3

Outlines Off Outer Lines 1 / 5 / 2 / 4

Center Dot On / 1 / 1 Fade / Movement / Firing Error Off / Off / On

Key bindings

Crouch Left Ctrl

Walk Left Shift

Jump Mouse Wheel Down

Ability 1 C

Ability 2 Q

Ability 3 E

Ultimate Ability X

Razer Blackwidow TE

Video settings

Material Quality Medium Anti-Aliasing None

Detail Quality Low Anisotropic Filtering 1x

Texture Quality Low Improve Clarity On

UI Quality Low Bloom Off

Vignette Off Distortion Off

Vsync Off First Person Shadows Off


Map settings

Rotate Rotate / Based on Side

Keep Player Centered Off

Minimap Size 1.1

Minimap Zoom 0.9

Minimap Vision Cones On

Show Map Region Names Always

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