Buffs to Samira, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and more detailed for release in League Patch 12.2

League of Legends Patch 12.2 is bringing about extensive changes to the game, many of which positively impact champions and items that have struggled since Season 2022 began.


Riot Phlox, designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, detailed the specifics in regards to buffs set to accompany Patch 12.2. Many of these changes are currently available for testing in League’s PBE, alongside the plethora of nerfs that this patch will also be including.




Many of the buffs associated with this patch are centered around giving set damage back to champions that suffered net losses as the result of item changes, including buffs to Yasuo and Yone’s Q ratios, as well as Samira’s R damage. Also in the mid lane are buffs to Veigar, granting him a lower cooldown on his Q and increased stacks gained when killing large minions and monsters with his abilities.


Nocturne and Volibear are receiving changes that will help both their solo laning and their potential in the jungle. The Eternal Nightmare, who enjoyed major changes to assassin-centric items during the preseason, is set to receive increased HP per level and an increased Q AD ratio. Volibear will deal more damage with both an increased AD gain per level, as well as a decreased cooldown on his E.



Tristana and Senna round out the planned buffs for Patch 12.2, taking two marksmen that have fallen behind in the meta and giving them a bit more love. Tristana will be able to survive in lane easier with increased base HP and HP gains per level. Senna was previously revealed to be gaining a more potent slow on her Q, and that change is expected to ship with this patch.


Patch 12.2 also marks the release of Rengar’s  토토사이트 ultimate changes, as well as extensive changes to both Tahm Kench and Janna. The River King is having much of his top lane power shifted, aiming to bring him back into a more supportive role with changes to his E based on allies nearby, a greater Q slow, and a movement speed increase when using his ultimate on teammates. Janna’s changes were previously revealed, although they focused on bringing her into a more supportive enchanter role, rather than one that flourishes with poke.



Mages will enjoy buffs set to bring two long-standing AP-centric items back into playable forms. Lich Bane has a new build path and now grants 15 Ability Haste with its passive cooldown increased substantially. It will now deal half of the player’s base AD as bonus damage on the next attack, albeit with a larger AP ratio. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter now costs 2,600 gold compared to 3,000 and will offer players more health but lower granted AP.


Players can look forward to the buffs releasing alongside Patch 12.2 on Jan. 19. These changes listed in the patch preview are tentative and are subject to alterations prior to their release on live servers.